A new Enterprise Analytics report, “Department View Schedule of Classes,” is now available for viewing class information for Fall 2018 and beyond (once they are created).  This report is available by accessing Enterprise Analytics ( and then navigating from the left side of the screen to Team Content – Student Information – Schedule of Courses – Department View Schedule of Classes.

The data in the report closely replicates the current Schedule of Courses report with a few exceptions/additions:

  *   Class Number has been added; this is a new unique identifier that is very similar in function to the current Section number
  *   Period has been replaced with Time and Meeting Pattern columns.  The meeting pattern column will be blank for Fall 2018 but will begin to contain meaningful data with the Spring 2019 Schedule of Classes (once created).
  *   A column for Class Status has been added.  This clearly identifies active classes vs cancelled classes should you choose to search for all classes on the prompt page.

The class status prompt will default to Active (meaning all active sections).  You can choose any combination of statuses, but must choose at least one.  The additional options are Cancelled, Stop Enrl (this is a step short of cancelling; no new enrollment can be processed, but those that are enrolled do not lose their seats) and Tentative (will not show up in the schedule to students and students also cannot enroll).

Note that departmentally controlled sections are bolded and highlighted blue.

Access has been granted to users with the following security roles:


The security roles/job function matrix is available at

Questions about this report and requests for additional access can be sent to [log in to unmask]<mailto:[log in to unmask]>.

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