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Dear colleagues, dear students,


This is a reminder for our POLNET + Summer School on Ego-Network Analysis. We are still open for applications until the end of May.

If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.


Looking forward to welcoming you to Konstanz, Germany.







2018 POLNET+ Program

Ego-Network Analysis: Data and Methods


Dear Colleagues and Students,


The quintessence of networking has always been that individuals or organizations have used their direct and indirect contacts to mobilize support, to share ideas, or to sell products and services. In the meantime, a series of specialized methods have been developed to collect and analyze such egocentric network data.


These methods will be the focus of the upcoming summer school Polnet Plus, which this year will be jointly organized by Ulrik Brandes (ETH Zurich) and Volker Schneider (University of Konstanz) at the University of Konstanz at July 6 and 7, 2018.


The summer school includes a keynote speech by José Luis Molina (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona), various sessions that introduce the participants into the topic, the collection of egocentric network data with VennMaker, the visualization of such data in visone, and the basics of ego-network data analysis in R.


In addition, we offer a pre-summer school refresher Network Analysis with R, starting from Wednesday (July 4) until Friday (July 6) morning (see timetable) for newcomers and participants without basic knowledge in R and Social Network Analysis.


The members of this year’s POLNET + faculty team are Ulrik Brandes1, Heike Brugger2, Boris Holzer3, Lukáš Lehotský4, Jürgen Lerner3, Melanie Nagel3, Petr Ocelík4, Keiichi Satoh3, Volker Schneider3, Martin Stark5, and Antje Witting3.

[1 ETH Zurich | 2 Fraunhofer ISI | 3 University of Konstanz; 4 Masaryk University; 5 ILS Aachen]


Please do not hesitate to contact Christiane Richter ([log in to unmask]) with any further questions or to register your interest in attending the summer school until May 30. You can also access additional information on polver.uni-konstanz.de/materiellestaatstheorie.


We are looking forward to welcoming you to Konstanz in July 2018.


Yours sincerely,



          Ulrik Brandes                                                  Volker Schneider              



Complementary Pre-Summer School Refresher

Wednesday, 04.07.18

Thursday, 05.07.18

Friday, 06.07.18


Introduction to R

Petr Ocelík & Lukáš Lehotský


8.30 – 10.00 K7

Dyadic level, triadic census, cohesive subgroups

Petr Ocelík & Lukáš Lehotský


Indexing objects

Petr Ocelík & Lukáš Lehotský

15.15 - 16.45

Introduction to SNA & types of networks

Petr Ocelík & Lukáš Lehotský



Data import and export & visualizing network outputs

Petr Ocelík & Lukáš Lehotský

17.00- 18.30 

Node level measures & network level measures

Petr Ocelík & Lukáš Lehotský




POLNET+ Summer School

Friday, 06.07.18

Saturday, 07.07.18

10.30 - 11.30, K7

Welcome & Introduction

Volker Schneider & Boris Holzer

09.00-10.30, K7

Ego-Network Analysis

Ulrik Brandes

11.45 - 13.15, K7

Collecting Ego-Network Data - VennMaker

Martin Stark & Melanie Nagel

11.00-12.30, K7

Ego-Network Analysis with R

Keiichi Satoh  & Heike Brugger

Luch break

12.30-14.00, K7

Pizza & Posters: An opportunity to present and discuss your (planned) projects

Moderator: Antje Witting

Feedback and discussion by faculty team

14.30-16.00, K7

Ego-Network Visualization with visone

Jürgen Lerner

16.30-18.00, K7

Keynote: Ego-Networks

José Luis Molina






Dr. Melanie Nagel

University of Konstanz

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Chair Empirical Theory of the State

Prof. Dr. Volker Schneider

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