For my records management friends…it is a given that offsite records
storage vendors charge permanent withdrawal fees (or as practitioners call
them – hostage fees).  It has been eye-opening to me (after 20+ years) as
my Company looks to consolidate their offsite records storage to one vendor
the unreasonable charges that some storage vendors charge – really, a
different permanent withdrawal fee if you are not closing the account v. if
you are – give me a break – robbery.

Dock access fees based on cubic foot – robbery – give me a flat expense
that you do not charge to UPS/USPS or FedEx when they deliver at your dock..
Paying $12 to $14 dollars to move your boxes to another vendor – robbery,
especially when the current vendor has already recouped their expenses. If
you disagree, please justify!  Wonder if PRISM will respond.

Blake E. Richardson, CRM


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