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Dear Ulrik,

Thanks for sharing. I completely agree. Although from a different 
approach, it reminds me of another (related) recent work: "Data science 
vs. statistics: two cultures?" (Carmichael, I. & Marron, J.S. Jpn J Stat 
Data Sci (2018). -- perhaps 
might be useful for you (to enrich the discussion/references)?

Enjoy Utrecht!

Best regards,


On 06/22/2018 08:54 AM, Ulrik Brandes wrote:
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> Dear all,
> after the "Invasion of the Physicists" (Bonacich 2004), is the next wave building up in data science?
> Termeh Shafie will be presenting our position at Sunbelt XXXVIII in Utrecht on Sunday, July 1. As a heads-up for those of you interested in the relationships between social networks, network science, complex networks, and data science, we placed a 3-page draft at
> (70 KB, pdf)
> We'd love to hear your ideas, get a sense of the general sentiment, and integrate your feedback into this opinion piece.
> See you in Utrecht,
> B.

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