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many of the papers in our recent special issue on Formal Studies of Culture in Poetics build on network models and might be of interest to folks—see below. 



>  <>	Poetics <> 
> Volume 68, Pages 1-154, June 2018 <> 
> Formal Studies of Culture
> Edited by Achim Edelmann and John Mohr
> 171127-011337 SI order
> Editorial Board  <>   
> Page ii 
> Formal studies of culture: Issues, challenges, and current trends  <>   Original Research Article 
> Pages 1-9 
> Achim Edelmann, John W. Mohr 
> A formal approach to meaning  <>   
> Pages 10-17 
> John Levi Martin, Monica Lee 
> Doorway to the dharma of duality  <>   Original Research Article 
> Pages 18-30 
> Monica Lee, John Levi Martin 
> Culture out of attitudes: Relationality, population heterogeneity and attitudes toward science and religion in the U.S.  <>   Original Research Article 
> Pages 31-51 
> Paul DiMaggio, Ramina Sotoudeh, Amir Goldberg, Hana Shepherd 
> The mutual specification of genres and audiences: Reflective two-mode centralities in person-to-culture data  <>   Original Research Article 
> Pages 52-71 
> Omar Lizardo 
> Culture, structure, and the market interface: Exploring the networks of stylistic elements and houses in fashion  <>   Original Research Article 
> Pages 72-88 
> Frédéric C. Godart 
> The (Protestant) Bible, the (printed) sermon, and the word(s): The semantic structure of the Conformist and Dissenting Bible, 1660–1780  <>   Original Research Article 
> Pages 89-103 
> Mark Anthony Hoffman, Jean-Philippe Cointet, Philipp Brandt, Newton Key, Peter Bearman 
> Capturing distinctions while mining text data: Toward low-tech formalization for text analysis  <>   Original Research Article 
> Pages 104-119 
> Ronald L. Breiger, Robin Wagner-Pacifici, John W. Mohr 
> Formalizing symbolic boundaries  <>   Original Research Article 
> Pages 120-130 
> Achim Edelmann 
> Culture and choice: Toward integrating cultural sociology with the judgment and decision-making sciences  <>   Original Research Article 
> Pages 131-143 
> Stephen Vaisey, Lauren Valentino 
> Culture and computation: Steps to a Probably Approximately Correct theory of culture  <>   Original Research Article 
> Pages 144-154 
> Jacob G. Foster

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