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many of the papers in our recent special issue on Formal Studies of Culture in Poetics build on network models and might be of interest to folks—see below. 



Volume 68, Pages 1-154, June 2018 

Formal Studies of Culture
Edited by Achim Edelmann and John Mohr
171127-011337 SI order

Editorial Board    
Page ii 
Formal studies of culture: Issues, challenges, and current trends    Original Research Article 
Pages 1-9 
Achim Edelmann, John W. Mohr 
A formal approach to meaning    
Pages 10-17 
John Levi Martin, Monica Lee 
Doorway to the dharma of duality    Original Research Article 
Pages 18-30 
Monica Lee, John Levi Martin 
Culture out of attitudes: Relationality, population heterogeneity and attitudes toward science and religion in the U.S.    Original Research Article 
Pages 31-51 
Paul DiMaggio, Ramina Sotoudeh, Amir Goldberg, Hana Shepherd 
The mutual specification of genres and audiences: Reflective two-mode centralities in person-to-culture data    Original Research Article 
Pages 52-71 
Omar Lizardo 
Culture, structure, and the market interface: Exploring the networks of stylistic elements and houses in fashion    Original Research Article 
Pages 72-88 
Frédéric C. Godart 
The (Protestant) Bible, the (printed) sermon, and the word(s): The semantic structure of the Conformist and Dissenting Bible, 1660–1780    Original Research Article 
Pages 89-103 
Mark Anthony Hoffman, Jean-Philippe Cointet, Philipp Brandt, Newton Key, Peter Bearman 
Capturing distinctions while mining text data: Toward low-tech formalization for text analysis    Original Research Article 
Pages 104-119 
Ronald L. Breiger, Robin Wagner-Pacifici, John W. Mohr 
Formalizing symbolic boundaries    Original Research Article 
Pages 120-130 
Achim Edelmann 
Culture and choice: Toward integrating cultural sociology with the judgment and decision-making sciences    Original Research Article 
Pages 131-143 
Stephen Vaisey, Lauren Valentino 
Culture and computation: Steps to a Probably Approximately Correct theory of culture    Original Research Article 
Pages 144-154 
Jacob G. Foster

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