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Dear colleagues,

Please consider submitting a contribution to the Computational Social Science satellite workshop, co-located with the Conference in Complex Systems, which takes place in Greece (23-28 September 2018).

What: Computational Social Science — CCS’18 Satellite Workshop
Where: Thessaloniki, Greece
When: September 27, 2018
More info:
Submission deadline: June 26 2018, 11.59pm Los Angeles time
Notification: June 28 2018 (2 days before the Early Registration ends)

Already at the 6th edition of this satellite, which started in Barcelona (ECCS'13), CSS@CCS'18 will be held as a two-days event. As usual, the aim of CSS@CCS'18 is to address the question of ICT-mediated social phenomena unfolding over multiple scales, ranging from the interactions of individuals to the emergence of self-organized global movements. We would like to gather researchers from different disciplines and methodological backgrounds to form a forum to discuss ideas, research questions, recent results, and future challenges in this emerging area of research and public interest. Particular attention will be devoted to the following topics:

- Dynamics of social contagion.
- Online communication and (mis)information diffusion.
- Interdependent social contagion processes.
- Peer production and mass collaboration.
- Cognitive aspects of belief formation and revision.
- Viral propagation in online social networks.
- Crowd-sourcing; herding behaviour vs. wisdom of crowds.
- Online socio-political mobilizations.
- Temporal and geographical patterns of information diffusion.
- E-democracy and online government-citizen interaction.
- Public attention and popularity.
- User-information interplay.
- Group formation, evolution and group behaviour analysis.
- Modelling, tracking and forecasting dynamic groups in social media.
- Community detection and dynamic community structure analysis.
- Social simulation, and cultural, opinion, and normative dynamics.
- Empirical calibration and validation of agent-based social models.
- Coevolution of network and behaviour.
- Online and lab experiments.
- Computational linguistics.
- Hierarchical structure and ranking dynamics in society.

Please address any questions to [log in to unmask]

Thank you.

Márton Karsai on behalf of the CSS Workshop Organizing Committee

Taha Yasseri (OII)
Márton Karsai (ENS de Lyon)
Gerardo Íñiguez (Aalto University)
Javier Borge-Holthoefer (IN3-UOC)

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