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Hello everyone,

Late last week I was cleaning up an older server and I discovered a cache
of 9.6M tweets from ISIS that date roughly to the 2014 - 2016 peak of their

I don't think Twitter's academic publishing standards existed when the
Terrorism Research & Analysis Consortium began that collection project and
if it did I certainly wasn't aware of it. I have since discovered the tools
Documenting the Now offers, and I decided to 'dehydrate' the dataset, then
put it through their hydration process.

I left the Hydrator running overnight and it's processed 3.9M, finding 681k
are still extant. The tweets are in time sorted order and the success rate
has declined dramatically after the first million or so. In addition to the
Twitter data we have metadata in the form of the list names used by TRAC's
collectors when gathering content. This provides clues to language and/or
specific region of influence. At least some of those people would be
available for interviews, if that would help the cause. I haven't extracted
the user ID data yet, but will do so once the hydration finishes.

TRAC serves universities, most of you probably already have access. TRAC
has never done a Twitter data release like this before, we'd be delighted
to hear any tips on how to best proceed.

I copied TRAC's Editorial Director, Veryan Khan, on this message. If this
seems like a dataset that would make for a paper, feel free to contact us.

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