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Have had a great response to this call; extending deadline to June 25.


*Call for presentations: Preconference on Politics and Computational Social
Science, Aug 29 @ Northeastern UniversityThe data and methodologies
available to social scientists have exploded with the emergence of vast
archives of passive data collection, large scale online experimentation,
and innovative uses of simulation. These data are of a larger magnitude and
methods are of a greater computational complexity than approaches that have
dominated political science for the last 50 years. This offers the
potential for rich insights into society at scale, while simultaneously
introducing new ethical and infrastructural challenges. In parallel, the
information and communication technologies that have driven these changes
are also driving changes in politics, around the world, that require study.
In order to understand the political world, it is increasingly important to
gain access to the political communication and behavior occurring online.
This preconference gathering will offer a forum for political science
research in this emerging space. Example relevant topics/approaches
include:  analysis of social media; text analysis; use of finely granular
geographic data; large scale online experimentation. Scholars from all
subfields of political science are welcome, as are researchers in other
relevant disciplines, such as computer science, sociology, and physics. The
meeting will take place 9am-5pm on Wednesday, August 29th at Northeastern
University (a 10 minute walk from the meetings of the American Political
Science Association). Everyone who wishes to attend should apply. We
welcome applications to present, discuss or simply participate. We
recognize that strength comes through diversity, and actively seek,
welcome, and encourage people with diverse backgrounds, experiences, and
identities to apply and attend.This will be a one day, single track
conference, with a keynote by Gary King of Harvard University. A wide range
of subjects for presentations are welcome, including purely
methodologically oriented presentations or applications thereof;
synthesis/overviews of research; discussions of ethics and/or data
infrastructures; and so on. Papers are not required.Applications to present
and/or attend should be submitted by 5pm, June 21 at:
<>This conference is sponsored
by the NULab for Texts, Maps, and Networks at Northeastern, the Network
Science Institute at Northeastern; the Institute for Quantitative Social
Science at Harvard University; and Sage Publishing.  Organizing
committee:David Lazer (Northeastern University)Nick Beauchamp (Northeastern
University)Adam Berinsky (MIT)Ken Benoit (London School of
Economics)Fabrizio Gilardi (University of Zurich)Sandra Gonzalez-Bailon
(University of Pennsylvania)Andreas Jungherr (University of Konstanz)Gary
King (Harvard University)Ines Levin (University of California, Irvine)Helen
Margetts (Oxford Internet Institute)Lily Mason (University of
Maryland)Molly Roberts (University of California, San Diego)Derek Ruths
(McGill University)Sarah Shugars (Northeastern University)Betsy Sinclair
(Washington University)Michelle Torres (Rice University)Josh Tucker
(NYU)Jennifer Victor (George Mason University)Hanna Wallach (Microsoft
Research)Duncan Watts (Microsoft Research)Brooke Foucault Welles
(Northeastern University)*

David Lazer
*(pronounced as if it were Lazar)*
Distinguished Professor of Political Science and Computer and Information
Northeastern University
Co-Director, NULab for Texts, Maps, and Networks:

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