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We are pleased to announce the forthcoming event:


University of Manchester

Humanities Bridgeford Street
Wednesday, 13/06/2018

Omar Lizardo
Professor of Sociology at the University of Notre Dame, a fellow at the Kroc Institute for Peace Studies, and a member of the Interdisciplinary Center for Network Science and Applications

Title: Examining the link between different tie properties in ego networks

Abstract: Recent work in social network analysis has examined the theoretical implications of different ways of conceptualizing and measuring the notion of a “social tie.” Scholars have noted that previous work has used a multiplicity of not necessarily consistent definitions of this crucial notion, including static similarities, collocations, or comemberships, culturally specified role relations, subjective interpersonal sentiments, communicative interactions, or flows of emotional support and exchange. In this talk, I introduce a novel data source, the NetHealth dataset, combining six ego-network survey panels collected over a two year period on a cohort of about 500 college students with unobtrusive behavioral data on electronic communication between each participant and every alter elicited in the name generator. I will examine the empirical linkages between sentiments (strong or weak emotional attachments), interaction frequencies, role-relations (status as friend, kin, acquaintance), socio-demographic similarities (homophily), and the provision of support and other exchange relations.



Elisa Bellotti

Senior Lecturer

Sociology Programme Director



New publications

  • Bellotti, Elisa. “Scientific Networks.” In Oxford Bibliographies in Sociology. Ed. Janeen Baxter. New York: Oxford University Press
  • Qualitative Methods and Visualizations in the Study of Friendship Networks, Sociological Research Online, 21, (2), 2016


Department of Sociology


Mitchell Centre for Social Network Analysis



University of Manchester

Arthur Lewis Building

Room 3.029

Bridgeford Street

Manchester M13 9PL



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