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On 25 October 2018, www.network-analysis-summit.com, the largest network analysis related conference in financial services takes place in Frankfurt co-organized by the Center for Financial Studies (Frankfurt University), Firamis, the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management, SONEAN and Uhlenbruch. 

Preliminary Agenda

9:00 AI, big data, and network science in financial services revisited

prominent speakers from last year's conference providing an update and future outlook

Dan Evans, Network Science Center, United States Military Academy, West Point and Storm King Analytics, Cornwall on Hudson, New York
Prof. Paolo Giudici, University of Pavia, Italy
Dr. Jochen Papenbrock, Firamis GmbH, Frankfurt, Germany
Dr. Murat Ünal, SONEAN and Funds@Work AG, Kronberg im Taunus, Germany


10:00 20 years of correlation network analysis and its impact on portfolio management

Prof. Mantegna, a leading Econophysicist, will provide an overview of the development, and also elaborate on the importance of complex information filtering when it comes to making investment decisionsy

Prof. Rosario Mantegna, University of Palermo, Italy 

11:00 AI, big data, and network science PANEL in wealth management, the view of practitioners

Paolo Sironi, IBM Watson Financial Services, Frankfurt, Germany

12:00 Navigating Digital Disruption and Incubating Innovation in Established Firms

Prof. Saikat Chaudhuri, The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, USA 

13:30 The role of network analysis in estimating counterparty risk in OTC markets, and understanding the drivers of systemic risk

Prof. Stefano Battiston, Center for Financial Networks and Sustainability, Zurich, Switzerland 

14:00 The dark side of social media related analytics for investment decision making and risk management

Prof. Jürgen Pfeffer, TUM, Munich, Germany 

14:30 The role of social networks on financial performance

Prof. Mathis Schulte, HEC Paris, France

15:00 AI, big data, and network science PANEL in asset management, the view of practitioners

Moderator: Michael Mellinghoff, TechFluence, London, UK
Dr. Heinz-Werner Rapp, FERI, Bad Homburg, Germany


16:30 AI and Data Science in Enterprise Risk Management

Case Study "A Data Science Approach to Predict the Impact of Collateralization on Systemic Risk" by Sharyn O'Halloran and Nikolai Nowaczyk

Sharyn O'Halloran, Columbia University, New York, USA

Dr. Murat Ünal, M.B.A, LL.M. 
Bleichstrasse 5
61476 Kronberg
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