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See intern opportunity below. 
HydroShare is a system operated by the Consortium of Universities for the Advancement of Hydrologic Science Inc. (CUAHSI) that enables users to share and publish data and models in a variety of flexible formats, and to make this information available in a citable, shareable and discoverable manner. 


Wendy Graham, Ph. D.
Carl S. Swisher Chair in Water Resources
Director UF Water Institute
PO Box 116601
University of Florida
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Subject: SJRWMD paid internship available


Please forward to any students you think might be interested.  Thanks.


Evaluate the potential usefulness of HydroShare: Intern will learn how to access and use the software, locate and compile appropriate data sets on model selected to be of interest to intern and useful to Bureau staff, explore functionality of software extensions and tools, prepare a case study and present findings and recommendations to Bureau.  This internship runs from end of August through mid-December.  Apply online at link above; all requirements are provided at the link.  This posting ends August 3, 2018.



Sherry Brandt-Williams, PhD, Bureau Chief

Bureau of Watershed Management & Modeling

Division of Water Supply Planning & Assessment

St. Johns River Water Management District

P.O. Box 1429  ●  Palatka, FL 32178-1429
Office: (386) 329-4292 
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