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Subject: [bms-rc33] Meeting - "From Texts to Networks" Panel at ECPR 2018 (22-25
      Aug, Hamburg)

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Panel at the 2018 ECPR General Conference (2225 August in Hamburg)

Chair: Luká Lehotský, Masaryk University, Sebastian Haunss,
University of Bremen

Collecting data on political networks is a considerable challenge.
Significant resources are required to obtain political networks, while
in many cases, collecting network data proves nonviable. At the same
time, previously unthinkable volumes of texts containing information
over political actors and their connections become publicly available.
This Panel wants to address and showcase research activities, which are
tapping texts to obtain discourse, semantic, and socio-semantic
networks. The Panel will show how network research might benefit from
text analysis methods used both in traditional political science as well
as outside of the field. Contributions which 1) use text as data base
for political networks; 2) utilize various text analysis approaches to
find ties between actors; or 3) combine text analysis with social
networks, are invited.

Panel chairs Luká Lehotský <[log in to unmask]> and Sebastian
Haunss <[log in to unmask]>

Kind regards

Sebastian Haunss

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