We are clearing out a lab area and these items are free and ready to 
pick up (bookshelves will be cleared of items).

1) metal 33 drawer cabinet
2) solid marble slab table - super heavy, old, was used as stable 
weighing table
3) 4 shelf metal book shelf
4) large variety of glassware, included pics of reagent bottles, flasks 
and beakers, but there is more
5) tall 5-shelf wood black book shelf
6) tall 5-shelf wood brown book shelf
7) wood desk with filing shelf and ports for wires
8) vintage, greenish tinted wood with glass sliding door lab cabinet 
with 5 shelves (I don't have a full photo of the table next to it, but 
it matches and has lab top, about 4 ft long)

If you come by to pick anything up, there's more available for the 
taking so you can take a look around: various lab supplies, hot plates, 
glassware, older books (many on coastal sciences/oceanography topics), 
vintage field equipment, etc.
We are located on Museum Road directly across the street from the 
driveway entrance to the Reitz Union.


/Sharlynn Sweeney, PhD, MLIS
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Howard T. Odum Center for Wetlands &
Center for Environmental Policy
University of Florida