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Academic Assistance and Tutoring Centers (AATC) at the University of California, Davis has an opening for a full-time, career Math Specialist. Our Specialists teach courses ranging from Beginning Algebra through Precalculus, and provide adjunct support to students taking calculus. We work closely with First-Generation and URM initiatives on campus to provide academic interventions that meet the needs of our diverse student scholars. A strong teaching background and a passion for equity and inclusion in academic support are keys to success in this position.

Link to Apply:<>
Final Filing Date: November 16, 2018
Interviews will be scheduled for December 10-21, 2018 and may be conducted in-person or by video conference.

More about UC Davis:

I am happy to answer questions off-list by phone or by email.


Sara Hawkes (she / her)
Director, Math and Science Support Services
Academic Assistance and Tutoring Centers

2240 Dutton Hall
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