I am pleased to announce the online publication of Volume 10, Issue 2 of Currents in Teaching and Learning. 


Jonathan Isham has written the Foreword, entitled “How Should We prepare Students to Address the Problems of our Time?”


The essays and teaching and program reports in this issue include:

·      Cultivating Collaborative Writing Space: A Framework for Working Through the Sticking Points of Collaborative Authorship

Jenna Morton-Aiken and Christina Santana

·      ‘Now We’re Trying to Teach the Public’: Writing and Project-Based Learning in General Education

Brad Jacobson

·      “From Tchotchke to Techne: Project-Based Learning in the Arts and Humanities”

Ashley hall

·      Those who can’t, teach? Project-Based Learning for Teachers and Students in the Digital Age

Laurie McMillan and Lindsey Wotanis

·      Partners in Writing: Addressing the Gap Between High School and College

Michal Reznizki and Jennifer Rooney

·      A Task-Based Approach to Tablets and Apps in the Foreign Language Classroom

Celestine Caruso and Judith Hofmann

·       Extending Experiential Learning Opportunities in Teacher Education: Connecting Preservice Teachers and their Communities through Project-Based Collaborations

·      Corrine Hinton, Stephanie Chickadel, Kristen Childress, and Amanda Nix


 Book reviews include:      

·      Scott D. Wurdinger’s The Power of Project-Based Learning: Helping Students Develop Important Life Skills

   Samuel J. Touchette

·      Ross Cooper and Erin Murphy’s Hacking Project Based Learning: 10 Easy Steps to PBL and Inquiry in the Classroom

   Lena Ficco

·      Bob Lenz, Justin Wells, and Sally Kingston’s Transforming Schools: Using Project-Based Learning, Performance Assessment, and Common Core Standards

Alyson Snowe Leitch

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