Hi Jen,

I have worked at one institution where using Work Study funds had no effect on tutor compensation, and one where tutor compensation was directly affected by using Work Study funds.

My current institution has a blanket pay rate for Work Study positions ($9/hr). We used to pay our tutors a higher rate, but when we started using Work Study funds, we had to drop everyone without a previous degree to the $9/hr rate. The effects on our budget are very good and will enable us to serve more students, but I have lost a couple tutors outright. This is an exception to the rule. At most institutions, there isn't a blanket pay rate for Work Study. However, I believe it's fairly common for institutions to have an established pay schedule for Work Study students, which would take into account different types of work, levels of experience, etc. You may want to look into your institution's specific policies and any pay schedules that might be in place.

At both institutions I've worked at, there has been no difference in pay dates ("when I compensate") for Work Study vs. other student employees.

If you have any students working for stipend or course credit, beginning to use Work Study funds could throw a very large wrench in the works!

At my current institution, there is a rule that Work Study students can't be compensated for attending classes, even classes they've already completed. This could be an issue for an SI program or embedded tutoring program. I don't believe this is a federal rule, but I could be wrong about that.

In short, there are some institution-level policies that could affect your tutors' compensation, but there's nothing inherent to Federal Work Study that would force you to change your compensation policies for tutors.


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Good morning Hive Mind-

My university has decided to shift the majority of our tutoring budget that funds the tutoring corps to Federal Work Study funds. Or rather those students who qualify for it. I'm skeptical of their assurances that this will not impact how/when I compensate

For those of you who have this arrangement, can you pass on any issues or benefits you have encountered with this type of arrangement?

Thanks - Jen

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