A long time ago, I invited members of this listserv to contribute to a special issue of the Education Sciences Journal. The purpose was to identify new methods to expand access, equity, and social justice within the classroom. That issue was just published and is available at

I encourage you to scan the contents of the six articles. It would not surprise me for many of you to say you are already doing similar things and some that are even more inventive. I think that developmental education and learning assistance are incubators of best practices for improved learning strategies and increasing the accessibility of the classroom for all students. Those innovations are too often overlooked by policymakers and the wider education community.

I encourage you to find ways to share your expertise. Maybe through conference presentations at the state and national level. Perhaps through short items shared in a newsletter. Maybe even articles in a journal. Our professional associations representing this field have plenty of places to share. Don't miss the opportunity to share your expertise with each other.

I hope you enjoy reading the articles at  Next time, it may be you that the rest of us are reading or listening.

Take care,

David Arendale, Associate Professor

Univ of MN, College of Education & Human Development, Curriculum & Instruction, Peik Hall 275D, 159 Pillsbury Drive, SE, Minneapolis, MN 55455; (office) 612-625-2928; [log in to unmask]  Manager, http://EOA Best Practices Clearinghouse

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