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I think there was once a stream on this very topic not too long ago.  I can tell you that when we restructured here, we had quite the struggle with certain departments that once controlled different areas of tutoring and they felt very strongly that testing the tutors was the only option.  I am strongly opposed to this practice and it took a great deal of communication and persuasion to make them understand that I would not be doing so moving forward.


I do not believe that testing tutors for content knowledge is a reasonable or productive practice.  Tutors are not expected to be content experts and there should be some level of trust that a student that has earned an A or B in a class has sufficiently mastered the material to be a tutor IF they have the interpersonal skills and characteristics that combined with content knowledge, will result in a successful tutor. 


Testing creates a different host of problems from who will create, administer, and review the test to the basics that some people simply do not test well.  They may have excellent content knowledge but simply do not show that in a testing scenario.  Alternatively, some that do test extremely well, may not have the ability to successfully relate the information, study habits, and effective tutoring skills to be successful.  At that point, what point did the test actually serve?


I know that there are several colleges that do have tests incorporated and can justify the practice successfully.  You have to determine what works for your institution and create the best practice that you want to put into place. 


The requirements that you have in place currently align with best practices.  We also, ask for instructor recommendations of potential tutors.


Good Luck!


Janice L. Taylor


Interim Associate Director, Clark College Tutoring Services
Office: FHL 202

Mail Stop: FHL 222
Phone: 360.992.2773 
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Hello all,


I am brand new to this listserv, so I apologize if this question has already been asked. I'm also very new to my position with tutoring services, so I'm hoping for some input regarding a request we've recently had from one of the academic colleges on our campus. They have requested that we work with instructors of courses to create a comprehensive content-specific quiz for each course that potential tutors would need to pass before being hired as a tutor for that course. Our current hiring requirements are that the student must have earned an A or B in the course (taken at our university) and must have an overall 3.0 GPA or better. I am wondering if anyone else screens applicants using a content-specific quiz. If so, I'd be interested to know the logistics of how you make that work. If not, I'd be interested in knowing what requirements you are using to determine if the applicant has a high enough level of content-specific knowledge. 


Again, I'm new so I'm not even sure how replying to this message works, so I'll include my email: [log in to unmask]


Thank you for your time and consideration! 


Katie Pierce

Interim Managing Director

Academic Achievement Center Tutoring Services

Kansas State University

103 Holtz Hall | 785-532-5703





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