Hello Everyone!


Throughout the Fall semester, I have been lucky enough to participate in our Chancellor’s Leadership Academy. One theme that has often emerged is the difference between transformational interactions vs. transactional interactions with students. While some things at the college/university are, by nature, transactional… in learning assistance programs, we are really in a position where most of what we do can/should be geared towards being transformational.


I am curious as to how your learning assistance programs are transformational. Can you point to particular practices that are geared to ensuring a transformational experience for students? I am becoming more and more aware of this need within our campus community, and would love to make it more, more, more!


Thanks for any ideas or thoughts you might care to share.


Kelly Askey lodes  |  Peer/Group Tutoring & Study Skills Development Supervisor


Academic Support Center at Florissant Valley

3400 Pershall Rd.| St. Louis, MO 63135  |voice 314.513.4073 | email [log in to unmask]


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