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This is a call for abstracts for a Sunbelt 2019 (Montreal June 18-23) session on Network Change and Relationship Change in Ego Networks. Abstracts should be submitted online at by February 1, 2019.

Title: Network Change and Relationship Change in Ego Networks

Organizer: Alexandra Marin, University of Toronto

Session Description: This session welcomes papers relating to change in ego networks, including change in the composition or structure of the network as well as change in the individual relationships that comprise the network. Examples of network change might include network turnover, size or compositional change, change in structural properties of the network, or changes in the supportiveness of the network. Examples of relationship change might include tie formation or dissolution; changes in embeddedness or node-level structural properties; changes in intensity, strength, or capacity; as well as changes in the types of interaction (support provided, resources exchanged, etc.), the kinds of relationships shared or other forms of relationship content. Quantitative, qualitative, mixed-methods, and theoretical works are all welcome.

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