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Members of the SOCNET list might be interested in this recent publication:


Street Network Studies: from Networks to Models and their Representations

Stephen Marshall, Jorge Gil, Karl Kropf, Martin Tomko, Lucas Figueiredo


It's a collaborative effort written in response to the increasing attention given to street networks by scholars and researchers across a range of disciplines. This is an area methodologically related to social networks, and the relationship of social networks and the structure of physical urban environments as captured by street networks have received intense attention recently.


This (position) paper highlights the plurality of ways that street networks can be modelled and represented, each lending itself to different analyses and supporting insights into diverse aspects of the urban system.

One of the aims of the paper is to call for greater attention to consistent use of terms and concepts, and to explicit research design choices because the way we model and then represent street networks as graphs has fundamental effects on the outcomes of a study.






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