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Call for Abstracts:  Session on Rethinking Classic Concepts, Classic Data Sets, and Classic Findings in Ego-Network Analysis


Session Organizers:  Bernice A. Pescosolido (Indiana University) and Mario L. Small (Harvard University)


Session Description: Ego-centric or personal network research has produced major contributions to how social networks shape attitudes and behaviors, and how, in turn, networks themselves are shaped by other social forces.   Many of the most central contributions, including what we know about weak and strong ties, about differentiation in social support, about the core discussion network, and about the social organization of support, emerged long before the internet transformed social relations and the possibilities afforded by so-called big data transformed social science.  This juncture presents an opportunity to take a serious look both forward and backward—to reexamine what we know or think we know and to consider how to advance these lines of thinking.  This session seeks papers that focus on an important issue in the analysis of personal networks and, based on a rethinking of the modern “classics,” propose new lines of inquiry into human behavior across contexts.  The issues engaged with can range from rethinking classic concepts like centrality, small worlds, homophily, etc., to presenting new findings from some of the classic data sets (or their new follow-ups like the Eat Yorkers Study or the innovative project surrounding the Northern California restudy), or to critique the foundations on which those classics were based. 


Abstracts can be submitted at https://www.fourwav.es/view/717/submission/ by February 1, 2019.



Bernice A. Pescosolido


Distinguished Professor of Sociology, Indiana University

Founding Director, Indiana Consortium for Mental Health Services Research

Member, National Academy of Medicine



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