The Student Success Center at Shawnee State University is seeking applications for a Full-time Academic Advisor and Testing position. 
The Academic Advisor and Testing Coordinator provides academic advising and coaching to students with majors in University College to ensure they are able to meet their academic and career goals. The majority of the students on the advisor’s caseload may be academically underprepared and will require support and intervention. As part of the advising caseload, the person in this position may teach courses for students in the Bridge Program and/or for students on academic probation. In addition, this position also coordinates testing within the Student Success Center, such as placement testing, make-up testing, and test proctoring for national testing vendors and other institutions.


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Glenna Heckler-Todt, Ed.D.

Director, Advising & Academic Resources

Schedule An Appointment

Student Success Center

Shawnee State University

Phone: 740.351.3277

Text Message: 740.431.4017

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“Helping underprepared students prepare, prepared students advance, and advanced students excel.” 

--Motto of the National Association for Developmental Education (NADE)


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