Hello Justin,


Based on reporting our clients utilize from our products at this time of
year, I would recommend you show traffic reports and show the cost per
student for each time they were served (meaning taking the entire budget and
dividing it by the number of student visits). This would help to eliminate
the sticker shock and also show the vast numbers of students served. You
would want the duplicated headcount for this (every visit) and then have the
unique unduplicated headcount for the semester on hand. The data question
that follows this is the average number of times a student visits/received
tutoring during the semester. I also recommend you show the traffic patterns
with the busiest days and times of the day with the number of staff needed
during peak and low times. You would also want to report which
courses/subject areas you served and how many tutors are needed per subject
area to cover this. These data points might be where you can either justify
your budget or show where you'll be able to save money as you move forward
now that you know the traffic and can schedule tutors appropriately. 


I hope this is helpful.




Jenelle Conner
Office Manager and Product Specialist



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Dear All,

Happy Holidays! I know this is a busy time for us all, as we finish up the
semester and prepare for spring! I am writing to ask if anyone who has a
comparable size school to mine (we have about 1200 undergrads) would be
willing to share any kind of data/budget information with me for their
tutoring program. I need some framework from someone on how you present a
break-down of what you've paid out to tutors and how many students you


We were given a small space this semester for the first time and were able
to offer drop-in tutoring in the evenings. This increased our budget with
staffing the drop-in hours, but also the visibility of tutoring in general.
So not only did we have students dropping in, we had more appointments made
outside of the drop-in hours. This resulted in exceeding our yearly budget
already this fall, but we helped more students than in semesters past. I
need to present this in a way that doesn't just have the "sticker-shock" of
what we spent, but breaks down what that money is actually doing.


If anyone is willing to share a formula or a template for an end of semester
report, I would be so grateful!


Thank you for your consideration. I hope you have a great winter break!



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