The executive board of the National College Learning Center Association is pleased to announce registration is now open for the next set of Webinars. A new option is available for the purchase of a set for 3 webinars, for more information contact [log in to unmask]

Please use the link below to register and then after you SUBMIT your registration, you will have the opportunity to reduce the fee from the default institutional registration for members only $100 for up to 8 attendees using one sign-in location.

If you are not a member of NCLCA, the fee is $75 for up to 2 at one sign-in, use NMBR as the discount code.

If you are a member of NCLCA, the fee is $50 for up to 2 at one sign-in, use MBR as the discount code.   Any questions? Please email [log in to unmask]

Online Tutoring Programs: Reaching our Potential 
Jan 11 '19 noon (EST) Dr. Johanna Dvorak, presenter

Teach Students How to Learn 2.0 
Feb 8 '19 noon (EST)  Dr. Saundra McGuire, presenter

Creating a Winning Conference Presentation Proposal 
Mar 8 '19 noon (EST)  FREE 1st 50 regs; Dr. Diana Garland, presenter 

 Universal Design in the Learning Center
Apr 12 '19 noon (EST) Dr. David Arendale, presenter

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