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Special Conference-Within-a-Conference on Negative Ties and Signed Graphs

The journal Social Networks will be publishing a special issue on negative ties and signed graphs that focuses on the co-existence of positive and negative ties in networks and the need to study them together in order to better understand network content and dynamics. To celebrate the special issue and to point the way forward to new research in this burgeoning area, we are inviting anyone with an interest in the topic to submit their work to a special mini-conference within the Sunbelt social network conference.

In addition, we are asking authors of manuscripts that are either already accepted for publication in the special issue or that went through the revision process to present their work at the conference. We hope to have a nice mix of presentations for work that has already undergone a significant journal review process and more early-stage projects.

The conference will take place over a day to a day-and-a-half (to be determined based on the number of submissions) during the normal course of the Sunbelt conference in Montreal, Quebec in June, 2019.

In addition to presentations, the conference will feature panels and discussions about the future of signed graph research, as well as helpful tips on improving this work moving forward.

Please submit your abstracts for this conference to the session labelled:

“Negative Ties and Signed Graphs”

at the 2018 Sunbelt Conference of the International Network for Social Network Analysis (INSNA), June 18-23, 2019,  Montréal, Canada.

Submission may be made here: https://www.fourwav.es/view/717/submission/  

Session chair:
Giuseppe (Joe) Labianca, LINKS Social Network Analysis Center, University of Kentucky, [log in to unmask]

Session organizers:

  • Nicholas Harrigan, School of Social Sciences, Singapore Management University

  • Giuseppe (Joe) Labianca, LINKS Network Analysis Center, University of Kentucky

  • Filip Agneessens, Surrey Business School, University of Surrey

We encourage a wide range of submissions.  Example works include (but are not limited to): Methods and measures pertaining to negative ties and signed graphs; understanding the inner workings of political and legal bodies such as legislatures or courts; understanding how threats within a network create needs for allies, and the implications for nodal power; examining where bullying emerges in schools or organizations; how perception of negative ties poses unique challenges in organizational research; examining how relational ambivalence affects relational trajectories; and how subgroup fault lines affect intra- and inter-group conflict.

Please submit your abstract within the submission window (by 1st Feb, 2019). Please limit your abstract to 250-500 words. If there is a full manuscript associated with the abstract, please make note of this at the end of your abstract.

During the submission process, please place a note referring to “Negative Ties and Signed Graphs” sessions.

The conference website (http://www.sunbelt2019.ca) provides additional information.

The submissions website is located here: https://www.fourwav.es/view/717/submission/

We look forward to your submissions.


Dr Nicholas Harrigan
Senior Lecturer in Sociology
Department of Sociology
Macquarie University NSW 2109 Australia
Mobile/Messaging: +61 490 911 666
Skype ID: nick_harrigan
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