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Dear List,

I am running a 5-day ACSPRI training course on Big Data Analysis for Social Scientists - University of Melbourne, 4-8 February, 2019.

Early bird enrolment finishes today - midnight Wednesday 12th (Australian Eastern Standard Time).

The course focuses on the collection and analysis of socially-generated 'big data' from social media such as Twitter, Reddit, YouTube and also the WWW (hyperlink networks).

There is an emphasis on the R statistical software, with particular focus on:

- vosonSML ("social media lab") R package (https://cran.r-project.org/web/packages/vosonSML/index.html) for network/text data collection

- VOSON Dashboard R/Shiny web app (https://github.com/vosonlab/VOSONDash) for network/text data collection and analysis

- igraph for network analysis

- Text analysis using packages such as tm, quanteda, RTextTools (supervised machine learning for text classification), wordcloud (text word clouds and term frequency visualisation), plyr and stringr (text sentiment analysis), and topicmodels (topic modelling of textual data)

Course material from the last ACSPRI course I ran is here: http://vosonlab.net/big-data-analysis-ACSPRI-Summer2017

The course is updated each year, so expect the 2019 course to be bigger and better!

For booking, see here:



Please remember that early bird enrolment finishes tomorrow!


Dr Robert Ackland
Associate Professor, School of Sociology
Leader, Virtual Observatory for the Study of Online Networks (VOSON) Lab
The Australian National University

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