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Social capital - state of the art and new directions.

Social capital theory is flourishing but still, there are important questions and unsolved puzzles. For example, we do not understand how social capital is created as a byproduct of other types of interaction or we do not exactly know how it is maintained or what is its discount rate. In addition, still, problems of selection and endogeneity are unsolved.

The session invites papers discussing theoretical issues of social capital combined with empirical analyses on ego-centered networks.


Beate Volker
Professor of Sociology, Department of Sociology
Director programme group  â€˜Institutions, Inequalities, and Life Courses (IIL)’
University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
postal address: p/o 15508, 1001 NA Amsterdam, The Netherlands
visiting address: REC room B6.10, Nieuwe Achtergracht 166, 1018 WV Amsterdam
phone: +31-(0)655475985
email: [log in to unmask]

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