Hello Water Institute Faculty:


We are in the process of developing a new Water Institute website and are planning to go live with it soon after the first of the year.


One thing we have simplified considerably on the new site is the amount of information in our faculty expertise database.  This is partly because we have gone to a wordpress platform that doesn’t have the flexibility of our old hand-coded site, and partly because people were not very good at keeping their information current in the old expertise database.


In the new faculty database we have retained only the highest level expertise subject areas from the existing faculty existing database.   We provide a link to the faculty member’s website and google scholar page for more detailed information.


Please go to the development site  and look yourself up in the faculty database to be sure your expertise areas are still accurate (and concise) and also that your website, google scholar link, and email  are correct.  If you would like to make changes please click on the register link on the front page of the website  ( and enter your updated information. Note you have to be on the UF network or use VPN to see the development site.


EXTENSION FACULTY:  We have included a listing of Water Institute Faculty who have extension appointments on the new Extension page.  We made the listing based on our best knowledge of your appointments.   Please take a look at the list and make sure you are there if you should be.  If not please click on the register link and indicate you have an extension appointment.  Similarly if you appear on the Extension list but shouldn’t , click on the register link and indicate you DO NOT have an Extension appointment.


In the (unlikely J)event you would like to be removed as a Water Institute Affiliate Faculty member please send me an email and we will remove your record.


We will continue to make edits to the new website over the next several weeks so your comments and constructive criticism are welcome!

Happy Holidays!




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