Hi everybody!

The next UF Carpentries Club board meeting will be this Tuesday, July 23 at 3:45 PM in the UFII conference room. Anyone who is interested is encouraged to attend! You can also join us remotely by signing in to Zoom.us at https://ufl.zoom.us/j/191535210

The full agenda is available on Github at https://github.com/UF-Carpentry/Coordination/issues/118, but will include:

  • Carpentry membership logistics and further updates on fundraising
  • Setting up a group account for the entire board on Google Groups
  • Approve our new Code of Conduct
  • Decide when and how to start publicizing workshops for fall 2019/spring 2020
  • Updates on our new stickers
Please do propose any other items you would like to discuss. We will post our meeting minutes at https://www.uf-carpentry.org/minutes/.

Hope to see you there!