The next UF Carpentries Club board meeting will be this Tuesday, March 12th, at 3:45 PM in the UFII conference room.  Anyone who is interested is welcome to attend.  If you would like to join remotely, we will be using Zoom:


  *   Approve previous meeting’s minutes
  *   Discuss with Alethea:
     *   Workshop waitlist and priority registration
     *   Modifying workshop sign in sheets
     *   Access to shared google drive
  *   Discuss EPI workshop with Taylor Paisie
     *   HPC lesson ( ?)
     *   Instructors
     *   co-organizing board member?
  *   April Instructor Training
     *   announcement channels
  *   REC workshop update
  *   IFAS update, May 6th workshop details
  *   Changes to workshop waitlist management (
     *   budget in reserved seats for financial sponsors (for 2019-2020)
  *   ResBaz prelim planning and coordination
  *   Long-term workshop schedule
  *   Google and Twitter accounts
  *   Travel Awards
  *   Club logo and stickers
     *   Order regular Carpentries stickers for April workshops?
     *   Design logo April/May?
  *   Other Items

Link to detailed agenda:



Elise Morrison
Post-doctoral Research Associate
Department of Geological Sciences
University of Florida