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Sent: Wednesday, January 30, 2019 1:00 PM
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Subject: Anyone interested in ~200 free issues of Linux Journal?
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Anyone interested in ~200 free issues of Linux Journal?

Looks like I have issues 34 - 208, plus a few bonus issues. I think I detected ~2-3 issues that are missing in the batch (but if they turn up will be included ;-).

They are in good shape but a few dozen have a cut out on the front cover to remove printed and/or stubborn mailing labels.

I have the Linux Journal CD-ROM/DVD archives, so no personal need for the hardcopy issues. 

Free to a good home/school/library and free delivery in the GNV area. If no taker by the end of February 2019, plans are to recycle.

Please send me a private note if interested in the batch - all or nothing!

Take care,

( o )===#

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