Tower Hill has an older Python webapp running on Bottle v0.12-dev that shows a list of builds pulled from Jenkins using the Jenkins API and then shows a menu with choices that ultimately shell and run a command specified in a yaml config file (so it ssh’s into different hosts and deploys the build selected or runs a script to start a batch process).   Some of the batch processes take arguments and there’s no current way to provide an input field as part of the interface.


We’ve got some consulting funds and I would like to put it out locally if there is a developer that has decent python experience or experience with the Bottle framework specifically and see if they would be willing to  entertain some consulting hours to add the functionality that we desire.


I have screenshot mockups that I created (they’re terrible, I think I did them in ms paint a few years ago) but they show what we are looking for pretty well.


Please contact me if this is something you’d be interested in.  We would start with some small work to assess ability and interest (I’m thinking the total project would be 20-50 hours for someone with experience, but open to guidance)






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