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Tower Hill Insurance is looking for some new team members to help kickstart the push to AWS.  We’ve tried the process of “hiring the expert” and found that many of them are not entirely honest on their resume.  At the present time, we are the first AWS Direct Connect Customer with GRU here in town with a direct 1gbs link.  


We do the large majority of our development in-house (and continuing to increase), 95% java, 5% python for the appdev teams, on the linux side, 80% bash, 20% python.  Github/Jenkins and some custom tools are used for CI and deployment. 


There’s a _lot_ of open source stuff here and we’re pretty open to new stuff.   ELK/Kafka/Apache httpd/Apache tomcat/keepalived/redis/ActiveMQ/Solr/HAProxy.  99% of machines are VM under VMware (and hopefully will be able to migrated to AWS).  98% of Linux is RHEL and mostly build with automated kickstarts based on reverse DNS server role setting.


From the company point of view, we are growing and going national, having successfully started to write business (personal and commercial property insurance policies) in several new states within the last year and adding more this year.   If you are passionate about open source and want to use open source technologies to build the foundation of a national technology infrastructure, this is where to do it.


If you’re interested, or would like to see if the experience that you have might be a fit, please shoot me an email.



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