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Hello! If you are looking to learn more about how to manage and evaluate
inter-organizational and community networks, Visible Network Labs has some
upcoming learning opportunities that might interest you. Check them out
below and if you have any questions-please feel free to reach out!

*Webinars on Network Evaluation*

   - *Jan 16-Intro to Using the PARTNER Tool:* Learn how to use PARTNER, a
   social network analysis tool that collects, analyzes, maps, and makes sense
   of data on your inter-organizational and community networks.

   - *Jan 23-  **Using Network Analysis to Design Better Health Systems at
   the Organizational Level: * Explore how network evaluation & analysis
   can be used to aid in the process of designing better health systems at the
   organizational level. Three key considerations will be discussed: 1)
   diversity of participants, 2) equity in governance, and 3) centrality of
   the coordinating entity.  This webinar is part of the monthly Network
   Leadership from the Field webinar series that provides an opportunity to
   learn from practitioners about the skills, practices, and research of
   network leadership and evaluation.

   - *Feb 6- Person-Centered Network App: *Learn more about this adaptable
   mobile app that will bring visibility on people’s social support network in
   order to better understand a person’s strengths, gaps, and resources needed.

   - *Feb 21, March 21, April 25- Online PARTNER Tool Workshop:* Dive
   deeper into building your capacity to evaluate relationships within your
   network through this 3-session online workshop that is designed to walk
   you through the steps of analyzing and translating your network data into
   practice so you can develop strategies and action steps to better
    facilitate your network.

*7th Annual Network Leadership Training Academy- **April 15-17 at the
University of Colorado Denver*

Co-hosted by Visible Network Labs and the Center on Network Science at the
University of Colorado Denver, the annual Network Leadership Training
Academy (NLTA) is a 3-day interactive workshop for people engaged in the
network way of working that are looking to develop skills related to
network science principles and collaboration practices that can help you
build, manage, and evaluate more effective cross-sector networks.
Malinda Mochizuki, MPA
Director of Community Partnerships and Training
Visible Network Labs <>
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