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Please consider submitting your abstracts for a Sunbelt 2019 <> session on Advances in Socio-Semantic Network Analysis, Montreal June 18-23.

Session description: People, groups, and organizations are linked (or separated) not only by social ties but also by a variety of cultural representations – such as discourses, knowledge, beliefs, claims. Over the recent years scholars have explored the interplay between the two through a network perspective, shedding new light on how the social and the cultural realms are intertwined, how meaning and interactions coevolve, how cognitive and relational structure affect one another and so on. This emerging framework, where semantic and social network data are being jointly appraised, still poses a number of theoretical and methodological challenges. This organized session aims at addressing some of these challenges and invites interested participants to submit theoretical, methodological or empirical work, contributing (but not limited) to one or several of the following thematic areas:

Theorizing about relationships between social structure and meaning or content structure;
Qualitative and quantitative methods to relate meaning and interactions or relationships;
Multilevel and multimode socio-semantic networks;
Using semantic network data to capture social structures between actors;
Correlations between semantic similarity and social ties;
Joint semantic network analysis of messages and social network analysis of information channels;
Semantic structuring throughout conversations in networks.
Connecting macro- and micro-level social and semantic network patterns

This organized session will consist of (1) regular sessions where papers will be presented and (2) panels, where session presenters will be invited to discuss topical issues in socio-semantic network analysis. The purpose here is to stimulate open discussion on relevant issues in socio-semantic network analysis. 

Organizers: Adina Nerghes, DH Lab, KNAW Humanities Cluster; Johanne Saint-Charles, University of Quebec at Montreal; Nikita Basov, St. Petersburg State University; Iina Hellsten, University of Amsterdam; Camille Roth, CNRS.

Submit your abstract at: <>
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Adina Nerghes, PhD


Digital Humanities Lab <>
KNAW Humanities Cluster

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