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Call for abstracts - Sunbelt 2019


Title: Social Network Analysis in Social Work and in Third Sector Interventions

Organizer: Andrea Salvini (Department of Political Sciences, University of Pisa)


Session Description: This session welcomes papers concerning the adoption of the network perspective in professional social work and, more generally, in social intervention carried out by public institutions and third sector organizations - mainly through inter-organizational networks. The aim is to collect both theoretical and empirical contributions that highlight the benefits, but also the possible limits, of the application of SNA methods and techniques in the analysis of social exclusion phenomena and in the construction of effective social interventions to reduce social unease of individuals, families and social groups in specific territorial areas. Particular emphasis will be given to the experiences that describe the use of SNA in the activity of social workers but also of professionals working in the social and welfare field within third sector and public organizations.

The adoption of the SNA within the professional activity of social workers is still rather limited, and more generally, it is not still fully recognized as an empirical and theoretical perspective able to support the action of social workers, that is still excessively oriented towards case-work. The importance of adopting SNA in professional social work is rooted in the conviction that the causes that generate phenomena and processes of social exclusion have a relational and structural nature that can be more effectively analyzed and dealt through the adoption of the SNA perspective. Moreover, SNA can also be an effective perspective in the analysis of inter-organizational social interventions involving both public institutions and third sector organizations.

Abstracts can be submitted at https://www.fourwav.es/view/717/submission/ by February 1, 2019.

Andrea Salvini



Prof. Andrea Salvini
Professor of Sociology and Social Research Methodology
Department of Political Science - University of Pisa
Director of the Bachelor Program in Social Work and the
Master Program in Sociology and Management of Social Services
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