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Subject: [UFRESEARCH-L] FW: UF Administrative Memo: Partial federal government shutdown


DSP has updated their website with additional agency-specific guidance. Please see under the ‘Government Shutdown Guidance’ link. We will continue to update this page as we get additional information.


If you do receive a stop work order or other correspondence from your sponsor directing action, please forward it to [log in to unmask] immediately.  






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Subject: UF Administrative Memo: Partial federal government shutdown



January 2, 2019





Dr. David P. Norton, Vice President for Research



Partial federal government shutdown


Due to a lapse in appropriations, a partial federal government shutdown is in place. The

Division of Sponsored Programs (DSP) is monitoring the situation and will continue to provide

guidance as clearly and timely as possible. The shutdown impacts each agency differently

based on whether or not their FY19 appropriations were passed or not. 


Appropriations bills were passed for the Department of Health and Human Services, including

the National Institutes of Health, and the Departments of Defense, Education, and Energy.

These agencies appear to be unaffected by the shutdown.


Agencies affected by the shutdown include:

·         Department of Agriculture

·         Department of Commerce (includes NIST & NOAA)

·         Department of Homeland Security

·         Department of Housing and Urban Development

·         Department of Interior

·         Department of Justice

·         Department of State

·         Department of Transportation

·         Department of the Treasury

·         Environmental Protection Agency

·         National Aeronautics and Space Administration

·         National Science Foundation


We strongly suggest faculty and staff, if concerned, become familiar with their primary federal

funding agency’s current situation.  See: for more information on your sponsor.


For projects funded by existing awards from agencies affected by the shutdown, work should

continue (assuming funding is available in your budget) unless you have received a directive

from your grant or contract officer to stop work.  Performance beyond the currently funded

budget period or for amounts exceeding your budget are not recommended at this time.  No

new awards or increments will be forthcoming from affected agencies until the appropriations

bills are passed.  DSP will continue to submit all requests for prior approvals (rebudgeting, no-

cost extensions, etc.), however, processing of these may be delayed or halted if the agency

does not have staff to process them.


If you do receive a stop work order or other correspondence from your sponsor directing action,

please forward it to [log in to unmask] immediately.  


All proposal deadlines remain in place.  Affected agencies may suspend the acceptance of new

grant proposals but unless you have clear posted guidance from your agency, extension of

deadlines should not be assumed.


Agency specific guidance from some of the affected agencies is available at the following links:




All NSF deadlines stand.  Proposals will not be reviewed and awards, including increments will not 

be issued.  First time no-cost extensions can be made by the University.  All other award changes requiring NSF approval will not be processed.






Commerce including NOAA:


White House listing of all Agency contingency plans:




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