Hello there,


My name is Meaghan and I am an academic coach at Bridgewater State University. Myself and a fellow coach, Erin, are doing research about “walk-in” models of coaching that some colleges/universities have implemented. I have sent this message to another listserv, so I apologize to anyone who might be seeing this twice!


I am seeking the help of the listserv to find out about what schools participate in walk-in coaching, and how the different models work. As of now, BSU does not have a walk-in model, and we are interested to see how they have been implemented at other schools so that we may conceptualize how it might work at our university. The information we gain is going to be presented at a university symposium at the end of April.


Some of our initial questions:

·         How does the walk-in model work at your college/university?

·         Do you feel as if walk-in coaching meetings are well utilized? If so, what would you say is the breakdown of percentages between walk-in meetings, vs. regularly scheduled appointments?

·         How does your coaching staff feel about taking walk-in appointments?

·         Is walk-in coaching a new model for you, or has it been something that has been done for multiple semesters?


These are some of our initial thoughts. If anyone has additional information that is pertinent, please feel free to share!


I appreciate any and all of your help!





Meaghan Brady

Academic Coach

Academic Achievement Center

Bridgewater State University

Bridgewater, MA 02325


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