Greetings Learning Center Professionals!

As you know, our October 2019 conference (Oct 4-7) in Louisville, Kentucky
is coming up fast! This year’s theme, Racing Toward Student Success,
captures one of the most important conversations we are collectively having
in higher education – what is student success, what are the elements and
high impact practices that drive it, how do we know if we’ve achieved it,
and how do we advocate for resources and services that will not only
support it but help it thrive on our campuses.

We have several exciting opportunities for you to share your knowledge,
expertise, and best practices at the conference. In addition to concurrent
sessions, we will also have a block of time dedicated to “rapid-fire”
discussions and roundtable discussions. The rapid-fire and roundtable
discussions will have specific topics that relate to our theme of student
success and also reflect feedback from you, our most important asset.

*The deadline for these proposals (Concurrent, Rapid-Fire, and Roundtable)
is Friday, April 15, 2019!*


To submit a concurrent session proposal, please click here:


What are rapid-fire discussions and what are the topics that I could submit
a proposal on?

   - Rapid-fire discussions, aka “lightning” discussions, are designed to
   be short-length presentations on key issues in our field followed by an
   opportunity for the audience to ask thought-provoking questions about the

   - The NCLCA Board will group presentations together based on topic
   area.  Each topic may have up to 3 different presenters grouped into one
   room and each presenter has 10 minutes to discuss their perspective on the

   - Attendees will have the opportunity to ask each presenter in-depth
   questions about the topic.

Topics include:

o   What is student success, specifically, and how do we move beyond the
buzz words?

o   What are important considerations for measuring student success?

o   What are the unique ways in which learning centers contribute to
student success and how do we know this?

o   What are important considerations centered around technology and its
use that help enhance learning center efficacy?

o   How do we create welcoming and inclusive spaces in our learning centers?

o   How can learning center directors find new sources of funding, revenue,
and/or development dollars in an era of declining fiscal resources?

o   How have you leveraged creative partnerships on your campus to help
enhance student success?

o   How have you engaged in research at your learning center and what are
you doing with the results?

o   How has strategic planning and the development of measurable outcomes
enhanced your learning center?

o   What are current and future challenges for the field of learning
assistance and how will you respond?


Roundtable discussions provide an opportunity for attendees to discuss
critical issues and share approaches, best practices, questions/concerns,
and even opportunities for us, as a profession, to continue exploring and
researching. Roundtable discussion leaders provide an introduction on a
given topic and a brief overview of what works well at their center/
institution and what challenges/opportunities they are exploring. Please
remember, our attendees also contribute to the conversation, which means
part of your role is to help facilitate dialogue!

Topics include:

o Strengthening our affiliates

o Quantitative reasoning in LCs

o Small college learning center issues

o Assessment and evaluation of student success/role of LC

o Data analytics programs and the role of LCs

o How best to serve students with small staff/limited resources

o  Fostering buy-in for LCs/student success on your campus

To submit a proposal, please click on the link below:

We are excited to review your proposals and hear about the amazing work
that you’re doing on your respective campuses. If you have questions,
please feel free to contact Geoff Bailey, NCLCA Vice President, at
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