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Hi again,

We’ve received some emails asking whether our survey on Participant Engagement in Environmental Social Networks Research is still open – and it is! Until March 4th. A big thank-you to everyone who has filled it out already.


For those interested, here is the link to fill it out anonymously:



and more information about the survey below.


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Dr. Lorien Jasny

Senior Lecturer | Q-Step Centre

Department of Politics | University of Exeter

+44 (0) 1392 725629 | Clayden 1.05


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My pronouns are she / her / hers.

Survey Description:

Our team is trying to study how social and environmental scholars use social network analysis to understand how organizations and individuals approach complex problems, and govern, manage, and restore environmental resources. Researchers sometimes re-engage study participants once analysis is complete to communicate the study findings, co-interpret results, produce more meaningful outcomes, and more. These activities often go undocumented (in the published literature) and there is no consensus (and little collected wisdom) about ‘best practices’ for engaging participants in light of the unique nature of network data (e.g., privacy concerns, explaining network theory, etc.). We hope to address this gap. By surveying researchers, we hope to provide the field with an understanding of what people have tried along with their estimation of what has worked and what hasn’t.

To that end, we've developed this 13 question survey. We ask you to take it in one of its forms (word file attached and electronic version below), and forward on to those you know who might also wish to participate. We're not looking for a robust sample, but as many observations as we can find to help others in the field.

We are hoping to organize a research paper or report around the results of the survey. We’d like to complement this with some longer descriptive accounts of outreach efforts. If you’d like to write one of these longer accounts or otherwise getting involved we’re happy to discuss co-authorship -- just get in touch.


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