Hi everyone,

How do you format your tutoring schedules for online and physical posting? (We use AccuTrack, so unfortunately, having our software create a "pretty" printable/PDFable schedule isn't really an option.)

For the last two years, I've used Excel to create a Monday to Friday table that provides appointment availability by broad subject areas (e.g., Biochem, Biology, Chemistry, etc.) that's then further broken down by tutor name accompanied by a list of the courses in each subject area that that tutor supports [e.g., "Tutor A (Biol. 5ABC, 102)"]. 

As we increase our staffing numbers (approaching 40 tutors) and the number of courses in which we offer tutoring, doing it this way has begun to result in something long, convoluted, and unwieldy--because most of our tutors work in multiple subject areas, their names and schedules can appear two, three, or four times on a single page. 

I'm currently toying with the idea of listing only subject areas and course numbers and when those are offered day by day, but students also often look for when their favorite tutors are available, and I'm wondering if we'll get push-back about not having the tutors' names listed. 

What solutions have you found that are both user-friendly and clear? 

I appreciate your help!


Susana Brower, M.A.
Assistant Coordinator, Tutorial Assistance Program
Academic Resource Center
UC Riverside
Skye Hall, First Floor
Direct: (951) 827-5345|Front desk: (951) 827-3721
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