Dear Colleagues,


I’m looking into ways different learning centers/academic support centers currently assess students’ needs and their own work. For those of you who work individually and in workshops with students on general study strategies (not content tutoring), here are a few questions I’m curious about. If you do any of these things, I’d love to hear more about how you implement them and how useful/effective they’ve been.


·         Do you send some type of intake form to students before you meet for the first time?

·         Do you use any type of inventory or checklist to assess students’ strengths/needs during an initial meeting?

·         Do you assess your individual appointments with students? If so, how often?

·         Do you assess workshops?

·         If you assess individual appointments and workshops, are you asking about student satisfaction or something else?

·         Do you do any other types of assessments or inventories with your students?

·         What technology, if any, do you use for these assessments?


I look forward to hearing your responses!


Many thanks,



Julianne Reynolds, M.A.

Associate Director, Office of Learning Resources

Learning Instructor for International Students

Weingarten Center |University of Pennsylvania

3702 Spruce Street, Suite 300 | Philadelphia, PA 19104-6027 |215-573-9235





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