I love this!  We have similar verbiage but I love the professionalism piece
at the beginning.  Can I use this for our student employees?

Thank you for sharing!

Mary Beth Willett,  Associate Director
College Success Programs,
The Tutor Program, University of Maine
5724 Dunn Hall, Room 104
Orono, Maine 04469
Phone: 207.581.2351

On Wed, Mar 13, 2019 at 8:19 AM Christine McDermott <[log in to unmask]>

> Below is what we use at Wesley College.  I shared more than just our
> attendance policy.  :)
> Hopefully the formatting didn't mess up the information too much.
> Student Employee Expectations
> As an employee, you represent the Department of Student Success and
> Retention in terms of work
> ethic, image, and level of professionalism while also upholding academic
> integrity standards. You
> are not only a student, but also a paraprofessional member of Wesley’s
> programs in the Department
> of Student Success and Retention. Therefore, you will be expected to
> adhere to the below
> guidelines.
> Professionalism:
> As with any other job, employers expect employees to be on time,
> dedicated, mature, courteous, and
> active participants in the operations of the business. Being a student
> employee for the Department
> of Student Success and Retention is no different.
> Student employees should make every effort—no matter what a day
> presents—to be a paraprofessional
> who respects their coworkers, supervisors, and students we serve.
> Ethics:
> Student employees are expected to maintain a high ethical level of
> behavior. Speaking negatively
> about instructors, students, tutees, or tutor, will not be tolerated. If
> this type of unethical and
> unprofessional conversations occurs, the SSR team will meet to discuss
> appropriate course of
> action, and outcomes will be assessed on a case- by-case basis.
> Confidentiality:
> Student employees are required to sign an annual confidentiality
> agreement. When working with
> students, you will learn personal information about them, such as grades,
> telephone numbers, and
> e-mail addresses. All information must remain confidential. In addition,
> as per the Family
> Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), anything discussed or
> overheard concerning a student’s
> academic record is private unless you are given written, signed
> permission from the student. For more information
> about FERPA, please reference the appendices in this handbook.
> Substance Use:
> Students are not permitted to use substances, including but not limited
> to, drugs, alcohol, and
> tobacco while working.
> Academic Integrity:
> Any student worker who violates Wesley College’s Academic Honesty policy
> will be terminated. You
> can find an outline of the Academic Honesty Policy using the link below:
> <>
> Guidelines for Dress and Behavior:
> • Cell phone use [including texting] is prohibited while working. We
> understand emergencies may
> arise; in which case, we ask that you step out of the Tutoring Center
> (TC)/Academic Success Center
> (ASC) to use your cell phone. Set your phone to vibrate when working to
> prevent disturbing others
> who are studying.
> •    Earbuds, iPods, music players, or headphones of any kind are NOT
> permitted.
> •   FOOD IS NOT TO BE CONSUMED while on duty in the TC or the ASC.
> •  Only water bottles with lids are permitted inside the TC and ASC.
> • Hats, other headgear such as visors or bandanas, and sunglasses are not
> permitted while working.
> • Clothing should be free from any words or phrasing that could be
> interpreted as obscene,
> suggestive, or offensive with regard to sex, religion, or orientation.
> •  Necklines should be appropriate for a work environment.
> •  Pants should not be overly baggy causing waistbands to hang below the
> waistline.
> Consequences for failure to adhere to the above guidelines:
> •    First Offense - verbal warning
> • Second Offense– meeting with a departmental administrator and signed,
> written reprimand placed in
> the employee file
> •    Third Offense - immediate dismissal
> Depending on the nature or severity of the offense, the Student Success
> and Retention team may
> decide to immediately terminate the student worker position within the
> department.
> Absence Policy:
> • Tutors must call or email the Coordinator of Tutoring Programs
> (302-736-2565) [log in to unmask] with any absences. Please
> do so as early as possible, in case you have a session with a student and
> other arrangements need to be made.
> • ASC Monitors should first try to find a replacement for their shift if
> they will be absent for any reason. In addition, they must call or email
> the Office Manager for Student Success and Retention (302-736-2525 or
> [log in to unmask]) to report absences and let her know the
> substitute. Please do so as early as possible, in case other arrangements
> need to be made.
> o Failure to notify the Office Manager, Coordinator, and/or the Director
> of absences and/or excessive absences are unprofessional and will result in
> a review of your position. This supersedes the “3 strike” offense
> previously outlined.
> Christine McDermott
> Director of Student Success & Retention
> Wesley College
> 120 North State Street
> Dover, DE 19901
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> Direct: 302.736.2492
> Website:
> <>
> On Tue, Mar 12, 2019 at 11:09 AM Coleman, Melinda L <[log in to unmask]>
> wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> Does anyone have a policy in place for allowed # of work absences for
>> your student tutors, coaches, etc., with repercussions for exceeding those
>> absences?  Any language you use, experiences you have had, solutions you
>> have found would be appreciated!
>> Thanks, Lindy
>> Lindy Coleman
>> Director, Center for Student Learning
>> College of Charleston
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