Attend the NCLCA Institute 2019 - June 23-26 in Branson, MO!




Sunday, June 23 to Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Theme: Learning Centers in the 21st Century


Dear NCLCA Members,

You are invited to the 2019 NCLCA Institute, being held in the beautiful and picturesque “Chateau on the Lake” in Branson, Missouri. As part of NCLCA Mission to Support Learning Assistance Professionals, we offer this unique, limited engagement opportunity to participate in a working institute, where you will have the opportunity to develop professionally and personally surrounded by fellow professionals and leaders in the field of Learning Assistance. The NCLCA Institute features several nationally-recognized mentors who focus on topics relative to using research-based evidence to assist you in developing essential learning center programs and services.

Limited to 40 participants, this dynamic Institute addresses the development and maintenance of four key areas in your learning center: Peer Tutoring, Learning Support Systems, Writing Support, and Academic Coaching.

Learning centers at institutions of higher education serve as interactive, academic spaces designed to reinforce and extend student learning in physical and/or virtual environments. These environments offer a wide variety of comprehensive support services and programs to enhance student academic success, retention, and completion rates by applying best practices, student-learning theories, and addressing student-learning needs from multiple pedagogical perspectives. Staffed by professionals, paraprofessionals, faculty, and/or trained student educators, learning centers reinforce the holistic academic growth of students by fostering critical thinking, metacognitive development, and academic personal success.

The balancing act of recognizing our evolved role in the higher education landscape and understanding how it all fits together with your professional goals, as well as challenges and opportunities inevitably presented at various levels of institutional planning, is at the crux of understanding the 21st Century Learning Center. I invite you to be a part of this historic institute and take part in the definition and application of what is a new and exciting place for Learning Assistance Professionals.

REGISTER NOW – Seats are limited, and they will sell out fast!

Go to for information on Registration, Lodging, Agenda, and so much more!

I look forward to seeing you this summer in Branson!


Michael Frizell

NCLCA Past-President

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