Hello all,


I’ve been tasked with facilitating a discussion regarding online tutoring at our college’s strategic planning summit at the end of next week. If you’re at a 2-year college (especially a school with FTE’s in the neighborhood of 4,000-6,000) and you use an outside vendor to provide online tutoring, could you please answer as many of the following questions as possible:


Do you have actual programs (as opposed to courses) that students can complete totally online?

Approximately what percentage of your FTE’s (or total students) are enrolled in those programs?

Approximately what percentage of your FTEs (or total students) are enrolled in online courses in general?

What online vendor do you use?

What is the approximate annual cost of the service?

Do you pay a straight annual fee or a per-use fee?

What range of courses does the vendor serve?

Do you make online tutoring available to all students or just those enrolled in online programs or courses?

How many or what percentage of your students who use tutoring services take advantage of online tutoring?


I know this topic and some of these questions have been addressed before on the list, so please feel free to respond off list to spare our fellow listers another go round.


Thanks in advance for your help! I really appreciate the knowledge I gain from all of you.




Linda Whitlock, MA

Academic Link Coordinator

Virginia Western Community College

Link Learning Commons (Brown Library B103)

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