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We are currently reviewing the tutor job description at my college. Presently, we are requiring all potential tutors to have both a 3.0 GPA and an A or B in the courses that they will be supporting. While those requirements sound reasonable on paper, we are finding that enforcing a 3.0 GPA requirement is significantly limiting our pool of applicants and this is especially so at our colleges Career and Technical Education campuses which support programs such as HVAC, Information Technology, Advanced Manufacturing Technology, and Electrical Assistant.


We are looking at adjusting our job description, and would like feedback on what requirements other CRLA certified colleges have on their tutor job descriptions. If anyone is willing to share their tutor job description and/or requirements, that would be very much appreciated.


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Saul Reece Reyes

Center for Learning Excellence Coordinator

South Texas College

Technology Campus, B-150

(956) 872-6186

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