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Hi all,

Sorry for spamming the list with something other than a conference solicitation, but I have an actual question about social network analysis. Weird...

Back in November, Jim Moody inquired about the collection of 742 sociomatrices James Davis analyzed in his classic (1970) paper:

Davis, J.A. 1970. Clustering and hierarchy in interpersonal relations: Testing two graph theoretical models on 742 sociomatrices. American Sociological Review. 35 (5):843-851. (doi:10.2307/2093295)

From this collection of sociomatrices, Davis concludes that there is a deficit of 201 triads and, among 030 triads, a deficit of cyclical triads (what Davis calls 030B, but what would be 030C in the standard MAN nomenclature).

I know that Jim was unsuccessful in his efforts to find these data. The CASOS data repository (and elsewhere) has the Allison Davis two-mode data from the (1941) Deep South book, not the James Davis collection of sociomatrices. 

Davis notes that the data (from a larger collection of 901 that he and Leinhardt assembled) were on punch cards. Has this resource been lost to science? It would be a real shame, since the work of Davis and Leinhardt is so foundational to nearly everything we do.

Anyone have any leads?


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