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Dear all,


The 4th European Conference on Social Networks will be in Zürich on 9-12 September 2019.


This is to let you know that we are organizing a session on Complex Social Networks which you may chose as a preferred session for your submission (deadline 12 April 2019).


This session is dedicated to complexity in social networks and dynamics, that is, to higher-order structures and functionalities that spring from lower-order processes. Topologically, complexity is typically found in networks of 1,000 or more nodes, manifesting in the form of hierarchy, modularity, the small-world property, scale-freeness, and in many other ways. But complexity can also be present in the dynamics of small systems studied as networks.


We invite contributions from all the sciences on these topics:


* emergence and non-linearity

* mechanisms and generative models

* tipping points and transitions

* multi-layer or multiplex networks

* autocatalysis and evolutionary modeling

* graph partitioning

* computational social science


Ideally, contributions will be both theoretical and empirical, but those that are one or the other are fine.


Organizing this session around a theoretical approach as opposed to a context or topic will make it possible to host presentations that may have a difficult time fitting into other sessions. This session will be an opportunity for scholars from multiple disciplines to convene under the umbrella of complexity theory and benefit from interdisciplinary exchange. The organizers hope that the session will contribute to disciplinary convergence regarding methodology and terminology.

Eligible proposals will (a) clearly state the aspect of complexity addressed; (b) express how the topic is considered in formal network terms; and (c) explain why it is relevant for the social sciences.


Organizers: Kai Fischbach (University of Bamberg), Haiko Lietz (GESIS), Marcos Oliveira (GESIS), Martin Stark (ILS)


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Dr. Haiko Lietz

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